Zionism, the Vatican and other evils

Israel – managing the message


Zionists frequently use the argument “but they are worse than us”, meaning Hamas, the Palestinians and Arabs in general. It’s a pernicious accusation heard the world over – on the internet, Amazon reviews, letters to newspapers, anywhere Israel is criticised.

It’s time to examine this proposition:

First, it unwittingly accepts that Israel does bad things.

Second, it suggests that Israel is only guilty of minor transgressions – nothing compared with them.

Third, it positions Israel as threatened, defending itself against the real villains.

Fourth, it stifles honest discussion or serious debate about Israel’s human rights violations.

Fifth, it deflects criticism to more worthy targets, such as Hamas, North Vietnam.

All this obfuscation fortifies Israel’s core propaganda message – criticism of Israel is unwarranted and anti-semitic – Israel is the victim.

That Israel is guilty of very serious violations of international law is beyond argument. The list of transgressions is endless and will be substantiated elsewhere on this blog. The gravity of their offences is far-reaching. And so Israel’s apologists promote a campaign of diversion and misinformation, because it is impossible to mount any kind of moral defence.

Crimes against humanity cannot be ranked according to a scoresheet. Israel must be held to account.