Zionism, the Vatican and other evils

Priestesses and Preconceptions

Rudolf Steiner was the founder of Anthroposophy, a barmy crypto-religious movement promoted through Steiner Schools, based on a mystical and racist view of humanity. Beliefs include astrology, clairvoyance and bio-dynamic ritual sacrifice. If that is not wacky enough, anthroposophists believe in reincarnation as Aryans, that the British Isles float on the sea, homeopathy works and gnomes literally exist.

Unsurprisingly, most Steiner Schools are coy about their philosophical origins, coy enough to mislead even, but the smokescreen clears occasionally. For example the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School (MRSS) website promotes the connection and offers a three-year Diploma in Anthroposophical Studies, to train early childhood and primary school teachers.

In the United Kingdom, the Blair Government commissioned three academics to report on what public education could learn from Steiner schools. The hidden agenda was to open the door for Steiner schools to access future public funding. As intended, the report was very positive about Steiner teaching. It was written by Professor Philip Woods, Dr Glenys Woods and Professor Martin Ashley of the Faculty of Education at the University of Western England.

The credibility of the report can be assessed from the biography of Dr Glenys Woods, on her own website:

Glenys’s spiritual path has led to her participation in numerous spiritual workshops and to her initiation as a Priestess of Shekinah and of Divine Mother Sophia, into the Order of Lord Melchizadek and The Violet Robe, and into the work of the Grandmothers (Net of Light). Formerly, she was an Inner Brother of the White Eagle Lodge, participating in group and remote absent healing work with people and animals. She is a Reiki Master (Atlantean and Crystal) and has been trained in Angelic Reiki Healing, Crystal Skull healing and other methods. Glenys continues to do absent healing, as well as contact healing, which includes animals.

Surely our children deserve better than this?