Zionism, the Vatican and other evils


The Catholic Church

The Vatican hierarchy and its representatives have much of which to be deeply ashamed. Partnership with the extreme political right led to direct church involvement in Spanish Civil War atrocities. During World War II Pope Pius XII displayed self-interested inertia by failing to speak up about the Holocaust. Then, at the end of the war, the Church assisted Nazi war criminals, mainly Catholics, to flee to South America. More recently official Vatican-led campaigns oppose marriage for all, abortion rights, condoms to prevent AIDS in Africa and other humanitarian causes. Vatican teachings sponsor homophobia. What hypocrisy! Church officials flagrantly breach the law by failing to report sexual abuse, by moving perpetrators on to abuse yet more victims and by placing protection of the Church ahead of victim protection and support. The church has enormous assets, yet it uses complex legal constructs where possible to avoid paying victims just compensation. Good works of the Catholic laity can do nothing to mitigate the many very serious wrongs committed and still being perpetrated by the Vatican.

Protected by governments and supported by taxpayers, the Vatican still seeks to impose its narrow bigoted views on us all. Put simply, the Catholic Church is not a force for good.